Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mind Your Manners, Sweetie

How many times did we hear "mind your manners" when we were growing up?  As a small child, we were taught to say "please, thank you, pardon me (or part of me as my little granddaughter says) and other such niceties.  As an adult, don't you appreciate when a child or young person says "excuse me" or holds the door open for you?  Something seems right with the world when you see someone minding their manners.  I automatically think "good job mom and dad".  When you are old enough, you are taught how to answer the phone and all the etiquette that entails.  But then......along came the cell phone.  What is proper politeness when a cell phone is involved?  You see them everywhere.  Did you ever sit at a stop light and just watch as cars go through the intersection and see all the people with a phone in their ear?  Did you see a few weeks ago the news story about the gal who was texting as she walked through a mall and fell right into a fountain?  Funny, right?  But it just goes to show what a hurry, scurry world we live in.  Too much multi-tasking going on.  In his sermon Sunday, our pastor shared a story about an experiment our youth pastor tried.  He sent out a mass text during a Sunday service to the youth group.  He received 13 responses to that text.  What do you think those teens were getting out of church that Sunday?  I had to chuckle but then I thought maybe it is time to rethink our cell phone usage.  Don't get me wrong.  I have one and I have used it while in the car.  I just think there are some places we could stand to just shut them off out of pure politeness.  Just something to think about today.

I'd love a blog hug from you today!


Rachelle said...

Hug, hug! Good post.

Christy said...

It makes you wonder how we survived before cell phones, doesn't it? I remember the days when, if you needed to make a call on the road, you drove around until you found a payphone! Most times, I just waited until I got home to make a call.