Friday, July 13, 2012

Beachy Musings

Our trip this summer was once again to the beach.  We hadn't been in 3 years so this was a much anticipated trip.  After many trips to the same beach, packing is down to a fine art.  The condo has a washer and dryer so numerous outfits are not necessary.  A swimsuit, beach towel and hat are the mainstays in my wardrobe for the week, and I love it that way. 

This year by the end of the week I felt like I could write a book....well maybe a pamphlet.  These are some of the observations I made this year.  Is it because I'm getting older?  Maybe.  But seriously, I must share.

1.  Despite what you think, your baby does not enjoy the beach.  It is hot, humid, sandy and they are crying constantly because they'd rather be home in the air conditioning.  Now while your baby looks adorable in their beach wear including sun bonnet,  I could do without the whining/crying while I'm taking my nap.

2.  The family with baby "Lily", who screamed her name over and over because she wouldn't lay down and nap....I wouldn't lay down on that plastic pack 'n play either and be happy about it.  Are you crazy??   And when the baby, who I am guessing was about a year old, did finally give in and sleep, they covered her up with a beach towel.  You're right, she may have gotten a chill on that hot beach under that tent.

3.  "Mom, I hate sand."  A kid screams nearby.  Seriously, maybe the beach wasn't the place for vacationing with this griping kid.  That one did make me laugh.

4.  The four rotund  older ladies huffing and puffing as they walked by with their chairs and bags were overheard asking one another "Where do you want to sit?  Where do you think we will get the best light?"  Really?  Right here on the open beach, not a tree in sight...Really?  Another chuckle moment.

5.  After a day and night of rough seas, you might want to be careful when walking out in the water.  Watching people for a while, I soon found out there was a drop off at the end of that shallow sand bar.  Wait for it, wait for it.  Yep, here comes a lady (also older) just strolling along in this shallow water and "BAM" down she goes.  She took it well and came up laughing.  I had to laugh too, I'll admit.

6.  The sound of the crashing waves makes it nearly impossible to hear once you are in the water away from the beach. So, please don't just stand and yell over and over to "Jeffy".  He cannot hear you lady.  I have figured that out why can't you?  Another nap interrupted.

7.  "Mom!  She just got water all over me."  Surprise!!  We are at the beach which means there is a huge body of water out there.  You just might get wet while you are here.  Sibling rivalry was alive and well in this family and they sat up camp right next to my umbrella.

8.  Then of course, there are the "sugar daddies" on the beach.  You know, the old guy with a gut that should be covered (no one wants to see that), his skin tanned till it looks like leather, with his gold chains and his bikini clad young babe by his side.  Oh gag me!!

9.  And ladies at the beach who drink too much also talk way too much.  I do not care who you were with last night or who you hope to be with tonight.

10.  Last but not least, some females do not belong in bikinis/two piece suits of any kind.  And that is all I have to say about that.

It was a wonderful vacation despite these observations I have shared today. I highly recommend a beach vacation but wait till the kids can at least walk.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future

Christmas Past:  Sitting in the dark, squinting my eyes to see the sparkly lights on the tree...those little blue lights mom would tape on the living room mirror that would always fall and frustrate her to insanity because when one burned out they all did and finding the offending bulb was a real chore...paraffin wax tree mom made and stuck on the lid of a shoe box (I always thought that was so crafty of her) cookies...The McGuire Sisters Christmas album on the record player...Santa in an old trailer downtown (the only place in town to see him, cause there was only one Santa Claus)...brown paper bag of treats, including an orange given out at the door of church right before the "big day"...sleepy eyes, rumpled pjs, mom snapping pictures as I walk in on Christmas morn to see the new baby doll Santa left or the new blue bike....Then, what seemed like a blink of the eye, I was watching my own children in their rumpled jammies checking out what Santa left for them (and yes, I had the camera poised to catch those first glimpses)

Christmas Present:  Sitting in the dark still  enjoying the sparkly lights on our tree admiring its' more little blue lights that all go out when one no longer burns bright...the paraffin wax tree is long gone and Mom declares she is not a crafty person after all, I still make press cookies on occasion...thanks to my brother-in-law, I now have the McGuire Sisters serenading me on CD and reminding me of my childhood Christmases all those years ago...Santa is all over the place now sitting in lavish displays, no more old more brown paper treat bags at church, the church has grown too large and besides those treats wouldn't mean that much now sleepy eyes or rumpled pjs on Christmas combed, makeup on I wait for my grown children, their spouses and grandchildren to I relish in seeing the twinkle in those little girls eyes as they rip paper and destroy boxes to find what treasure is housed inside.  The joy my husband and I get from taking in this scene is what makes Christmas for us now.

Christmas Future:  Well, I'll continue to enjoy the sparkly lights upon the tree...I'll have helpers with those press cookies, I'm sure.  They seem to be a child's favorite activity....As long as that CD holds out, the McGuire Sisters will always be my fav....Santa, well, I will still "believe" through my grandchildren.  As long as the Good Lord allows, I will continue to enjoy being with my family celebrating old traditions and making new ones.

I hope you all had a wonderful time being with family and friends and that 2012 will be full of blessings for you and yours.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

With A Grateful Heart

Giving thanks today for so many blessings bestowed on us.  Counting them all would be impossible.  We always tend to be thankful for house, food, clothes, etc.  But how much more precious are those things money cannot buy.  Good health, family and friends, salvation through Jesus Christ Our Lord, and memories to name a few.  Yes, memories.  Did you remember to be thankful for your memories?  Today as we sat around the table, we talked about Thanksgivings gone by.  Funny stories, like the time Grandma got right inside the door and dropped the pumpkin pies...sad at the time but one of those family stories that lives on even today.  One Thanksgiving my mom and dad announced we were adding another baby to our family.  With sadness, we remember those no longer at our table with us, but with fondness we share stories involving those family who have passed away.  Our memories are such a treasure.  Don't forget to thank God for your memory.  I challenge you this season to work hard to make memories that your family can look back on some day with a smile on their face and say "Remember the year when ......." 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Old Rocking Chair

I've been very lax in keeping up my blog.  I'm sorry about that but you know how you can go for a while and just don't feel you have anything worth saying?  Guess I've been in one of those slumps in life.

Not long ago, I found this old rocking chair at a local thrift shop.  I immediately was drawn to it.  It had good bones, sturdy and strong.  I wasn't a fan of the cushion but that was an easy fix, as I saw it.  So I paid for it and called the hubs to pick it up for me.

I was given some curtains that was heavy fabric and would look good for a season in my bedroom, not as curtains but as a seat cushion for my new/old rocker.  So with hubby's help, we demolished the old seat to prepare for the new.

Now, check out this old burlap found underneath the fabric.  I loved it and thought it would make a really unique pillow for outdoors next summer.  You know on an old table, bench or something.  But, hubby, thinking we have enough "junk" thought that an awful idea and chucked it.  I know, I'm still a little bitter over that...LOL

Regardless of the demise of the burlap, I am happy with the way my rocker turned out. (don't judge, we've not done this before)  Have you ever thought about the history of an old piece of furniture, the tales it could tell.  As I sit in this old chair rocking my newest granddaughter, I wonder if one day many years ago another grandmother sat in this very rocking chair singing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Jack and Jill" to a very sleepy baby.  I like to think that is so.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will You Make a Difference Today?

The first newscast of the morning on Friday told of a search going on in the Missouri River just north of our town.  Apparently a young woman had been swept away in a current while wading on a boat access ramp.   On the Friday evening news,  her picture was shown and I thought I recognized her as a Sonic carhop.  Sure enough, today I found out it was indeed our Sara from Sonic.  My husband and I would frequent Sonic on summer evenings for a soda or iced tea when out for a drive in our '65 Mustang convertible.  Sara would, more often that not, say good bye with a "Y'all have a nice ride tonight".  When we first became acquainted with Sara, she always seemed a bit shy, downcast.  The more we stopped by, the more she waited on us, she began to smile and became quite friendly.  Even if Sara wasn't our carhop, she would always wave and smile as she walked by.  Of course, she was working so our conversations with her were minimal.   But as I thought about Sara so many times today, as we went to the river access this evening and saw the water patrol boat in the water, the thought crossed my mind "I hope in some small way  we made Sara smile.  I hope in some small way she was touched my our friendliness to her."  You never know what even a quick kind word, a sincere smile may impact a person. 

I challenge you to take time to say a kind word, give someone a smile.  That person you show kindness to, even in the smallest of ways, may really need that smile today.  Make a difference in someone's life today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Reacquainted

Recently, I figured it was time to drag out my sewing machine and get reacquainted.  Funny how some of the things I learned way back when has come back to me.  I have three little granddaughters so I thought it was about time to peruse the pattern books and fabrics, oh and there are so many pretty ones out there.  My first big project was a capri outfit for the oldest girl.(which I realize now I only took a pic of on my phone)  I think it turned out really cute and she loves it.  My second and third quests were to make the oldest and her little sister dresses for the July 4th weekend.  I figured since the 3rd was a Sunday, red, white & blue dresses would be perfect for church.  And I'd just like to mention they both looked adorable at the 4th of July parade.

The bodice and lower ruffle I cut from an old dress of mine.  It is blue and white stripe. Two ruffles I used white fabric with red, white & blue stars and the royal blue ruffle has shiny silver stars.  This was the first time I'd tried a fabric flower.  I think it turned out okay.

I was proud of myself on this one because I forgot to purchase bias tape for the arm holes so I made my own, which I'd never done before. (basic for a lot of you seasoned seamstresses, but new for me)  I loved the neckline on this pattern and the little pocket in coordinating fabric made the little dress pop.  Of course, what really made it pop was those little 6 month old chubby arms and

Well, that's what I've been up to lately...that and spoiling my new 3 week old granddaughter every chance I get.  What is new in your world?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And then there were 3.....

Yes, 3, I now have three darling little granddaughters.  My son and his wife blessed us with our newest granddaughter one week ago today.  She is just the sweetest little thing.  I love cuddling her, feeling that soft baby skin and just looking at yet another miracle and have that same overwhelming feeling of love for this new life.  Funny how your heart just keeps growing wider and wider to love yet another child.  Oh and did I mention that baby smell?  Is there anything sweeter smelling than a new baby.  Lovin' it!!!  If you have grandchildren you can relate to what I'm saying, if not, just you wait.  No one can truly tell you how wonderful grandparenting is.  It is a feeling like none other.

When our first granddaughter was born 4 years ago, I thought "Wow, now there is this little person in my life that gives me the title of Grandma....I settled happily for Gigi, though.  LOL"  Then when the second one was born 5 months ago, I thought "Wow, I  now have multiple little people who will call me "Gigi""  Then last week when the 3rd grandchild was born,  I thought "I'm getting old.  I have 3 grandchildren."  Well, you know what?  I've come to the conclusion if this is what it's like to be old....bring on those babies!!!