Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will You Make a Difference Today?

The first newscast of the morning on Friday told of a search going on in the Missouri River just north of our town.  Apparently a young woman had been swept away in a current while wading on a boat access ramp.   On the Friday evening news,  her picture was shown and I thought I recognized her as a Sonic carhop.  Sure enough, today I found out it was indeed our Sara from Sonic.  My husband and I would frequent Sonic on summer evenings for a soda or iced tea when out for a drive in our '65 Mustang convertible.  Sara would, more often that not, say good bye with a "Y'all have a nice ride tonight".  When we first became acquainted with Sara, she always seemed a bit shy, downcast.  The more we stopped by, the more she waited on us, she began to smile and became quite friendly.  Even if Sara wasn't our carhop, she would always wave and smile as she walked by.  Of course, she was working so our conversations with her were minimal.   But as I thought about Sara so many times today, as we went to the river access this evening and saw the water patrol boat in the water, the thought crossed my mind "I hope in some small way  we made Sara smile.  I hope in some small way she was touched my our friendliness to her."  You never know what even a quick kind word, a sincere smile may impact a person. 

I challenge you to take time to say a kind word, give someone a smile.  That person you show kindness to, even in the smallest of ways, may really need that smile today.  Make a difference in someone's life today.