Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And then there were 3.....

Yes, 3, I now have three darling little granddaughters.  My son and his wife blessed us with our newest granddaughter one week ago today.  She is just the sweetest little thing.  I love cuddling her, feeling that soft baby skin and just looking at yet another miracle and have that same overwhelming feeling of love for this new life.  Funny how your heart just keeps growing wider and wider to love yet another child.  Oh and did I mention that baby smell?  Is there anything sweeter smelling than a new baby.  Lovin' it!!!  If you have grandchildren you can relate to what I'm saying, if not, just you wait.  No one can truly tell you how wonderful grandparenting is.  It is a feeling like none other.

When our first granddaughter was born 4 years ago, I thought "Wow, now there is this little person in my life that gives me the title of Grandma....I settled happily for Gigi, though.  LOL"  Then when the second one was born 5 months ago, I thought "Wow, I  now have multiple little people who will call me "Gigi""  Then last week when the 3rd grandchild was born,  I thought "I'm getting old.  I have 3 grandchildren."  Well, you know what?  I've come to the conclusion if this is what it's like to be old....bring on those babies!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Memories of A Great Dad

In memory of my Dad, I thought I'd post some pictures of a few pages of an album  that I made to take to a family reunion a few years ago.  This was the first vintage album I had done and thoroughly enjoyed working with the old pictures.  My dad was a hard-working man who dearly loved his family and his God.  After he retired,  he taught himself to play guitar which proved to become an avid hobby for him until he died.  In his earlier years, as a young boy, he loved cars.  As an adult he spent a lot of time restoring old cars and entering  them in car shows.  He worked in an auto parts store, eventually buying and operating his own tire store until his retirement.  My dad was a sensitive man and was not ashamed when a special story or memory would bring a glistening tear to his eye.  He left behind a wonderful legacy which lives on in his daughters and their families.  We miss you Dad but know you are so happy to be celebrating another Father's Day, your 5th one, in Heaven with your Lord. 

My dad being held by his mom and his dad.

 An elementary school picture on one page with copies of report cards on the other page.

My dad holding me.
Dad with his first car.

Scouring the junk yard for that gem in the rough.


Dad (center front) with some of his music buddies.

This saying was on a plaque outside my dad's hospital door.  It seemed so fitting for him and his love for music.

Dad's obituary surrounded by pressed pansies (his favorite flower) and some ribbon I saved from a funeral flower arrangement.

 This was a poem I wrote after dad's death and I felt it had to be included in his album.

I hope this will inspire you to put together your own memory album of a special person in your life.  Don't forget to scrap pages with those special things that may not include photos but make a special page for your album just the same.  A little hint, when working with vintage pages, layering is important.  The more elements you put on your page the more story you tell.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer = Refreshing Treats of All Kinds

Hello Blogger Friends.  I thought I'd share a yummy, cool salad with you today.  It looks as though the lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us.  With this kind of weather, it seems the cool, refreshing foods are always a welcome treat.

A few weeks ago I saw this recipe on The Nate Berkus Show (yes, I am an avid fan of Nate's).  A bit skeptical, I was, but decided I can try anything once.  Since then I've made it several times and just got finished putting another batch in the fridge for this week.  That's the nice thing about this salad.  It will keep in your fridge for a week.  A great snack or a great side to those grilled burgers and steaks you are sure to be feasting on.  This is definitely a hit in our house.

Black Bean-Mango Salad
Serves 4
1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted and diced
*½ cup Italian dressing, any kind you like (use fat-free or low-cal)
Two 15-ounce cans black beans, drained and rinsed
½ cup chopped red onions
1 small green pepper, seeded and chopped
1 small red pepper, seeded and chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste
In a food processor or blender, take ¼ cup of the mango with the Italian dressing until smooth.
In a large bowl, combine the remaining mango with the beans, red onions, and peppers. To the bean mixture, add the mango puree.>
Season to taste with salt and pepper, and chill until ready to serve.

*If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that carries "Grandma' Cool and Zesty" dressing, that is what I used.  mmmmm

Oh and I forgot to mention it makes such a pretty dish.  If you have no idea how to choose a mango or cut one up, search the net.  There are a lot of tips and even "you tube" videos out there.

I hope you enjoy trying this summer treat.