Saturday, June 18, 2011

Memories of A Great Dad

In memory of my Dad, I thought I'd post some pictures of a few pages of an album  that I made to take to a family reunion a few years ago.  This was the first vintage album I had done and thoroughly enjoyed working with the old pictures.  My dad was a hard-working man who dearly loved his family and his God.  After he retired,  he taught himself to play guitar which proved to become an avid hobby for him until he died.  In his earlier years, as a young boy, he loved cars.  As an adult he spent a lot of time restoring old cars and entering  them in car shows.  He worked in an auto parts store, eventually buying and operating his own tire store until his retirement.  My dad was a sensitive man and was not ashamed when a special story or memory would bring a glistening tear to his eye.  He left behind a wonderful legacy which lives on in his daughters and their families.  We miss you Dad but know you are so happy to be celebrating another Father's Day, your 5th one, in Heaven with your Lord. 

My dad being held by his mom and his dad.

 An elementary school picture on one page with copies of report cards on the other page.

My dad holding me.
Dad with his first car.

Scouring the junk yard for that gem in the rough.


Dad (center front) with some of his music buddies.

This saying was on a plaque outside my dad's hospital door.  It seemed so fitting for him and his love for music.

Dad's obituary surrounded by pressed pansies (his favorite flower) and some ribbon I saved from a funeral flower arrangement.

 This was a poem I wrote after dad's death and I felt it had to be included in his album.

I hope this will inspire you to put together your own memory album of a special person in your life.  Don't forget to scrap pages with those special things that may not include photos but make a special page for your album just the same.  A little hint, when working with vintage pages, layering is important.  The more elements you put on your page the more story you tell.


Julie said...

He was a wonderful, generous man. So thankful for his kindness to me and Maury and Natalie and Chelsea during our time in Jefferson City. Even after we left and I became a single mom -- he put free tires on my van. The girls loved to visit the tire store and get candy:-) So thankful the Lord blessed us with wonderful dads-- men of integrity. Love to you all, Julie

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