Thursday, November 24, 2011

With A Grateful Heart

Giving thanks today for so many blessings bestowed on us.  Counting them all would be impossible.  We always tend to be thankful for house, food, clothes, etc.  But how much more precious are those things money cannot buy.  Good health, family and friends, salvation through Jesus Christ Our Lord, and memories to name a few.  Yes, memories.  Did you remember to be thankful for your memories?  Today as we sat around the table, we talked about Thanksgivings gone by.  Funny stories, like the time Grandma got right inside the door and dropped the pumpkin pies...sad at the time but one of those family stories that lives on even today.  One Thanksgiving my mom and dad announced we were adding another baby to our family.  With sadness, we remember those no longer at our table with us, but with fondness we share stories involving those family who have passed away.  Our memories are such a treasure.  Don't forget to thank God for your memory.  I challenge you this season to work hard to make memories that your family can look back on some day with a smile on their face and say "Remember the year when ......." 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Old Rocking Chair

I've been very lax in keeping up my blog.  I'm sorry about that but you know how you can go for a while and just don't feel you have anything worth saying?  Guess I've been in one of those slumps in life.

Not long ago, I found this old rocking chair at a local thrift shop.  I immediately was drawn to it.  It had good bones, sturdy and strong.  I wasn't a fan of the cushion but that was an easy fix, as I saw it.  So I paid for it and called the hubs to pick it up for me.

I was given some curtains that was heavy fabric and would look good for a season in my bedroom, not as curtains but as a seat cushion for my new/old rocker.  So with hubby's help, we demolished the old seat to prepare for the new.

Now, check out this old burlap found underneath the fabric.  I loved it and thought it would make a really unique pillow for outdoors next summer.  You know on an old table, bench or something.  But, hubby, thinking we have enough "junk" thought that an awful idea and chucked it.  I know, I'm still a little bitter over that...LOL

Regardless of the demise of the burlap, I am happy with the way my rocker turned out. (don't judge, we've not done this before)  Have you ever thought about the history of an old piece of furniture, the tales it could tell.  As I sit in this old chair rocking my newest granddaughter, I wonder if one day many years ago another grandmother sat in this very rocking chair singing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Jack and Jill" to a very sleepy baby.  I like to think that is so.