Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Reacquainted

Recently, I figured it was time to drag out my sewing machine and get reacquainted.  Funny how some of the things I learned way back when has come back to me.  I have three little granddaughters so I thought it was about time to peruse the pattern books and fabrics, oh and there are so many pretty ones out there.  My first big project was a capri outfit for the oldest girl.(which I realize now I only took a pic of on my phone)  I think it turned out really cute and she loves it.  My second and third quests were to make the oldest and her little sister dresses for the July 4th weekend.  I figured since the 3rd was a Sunday, red, white & blue dresses would be perfect for church.  And I'd just like to mention they both looked adorable at the 4th of July parade.

The bodice and lower ruffle I cut from an old dress of mine.  It is blue and white stripe. Two ruffles I used white fabric with red, white & blue stars and the royal blue ruffle has shiny silver stars.  This was the first time I'd tried a fabric flower.  I think it turned out okay.

I was proud of myself on this one because I forgot to purchase bias tape for the arm holes so I made my own, which I'd never done before. (basic for a lot of you seasoned seamstresses, but new for me)  I loved the neckline on this pattern and the little pocket in coordinating fabric made the little dress pop.  Of course, what really made it pop was those little 6 month old chubby arms and

Well, that's what I've been up to lately...that and spoiling my new 3 week old granddaughter every chance I get.  What is new in your world?