Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be My Valentine II

Ready for another Valentine idea?  This card is really easy so don't be fooled at first glance.  I will include a link which contains written instructions and very good pictures, step by step.  If you follow the directions, you cannot fail!!

I used cardstock for the base of the card and then decorated with printed paper.  The card insert has a cricut cut heart o the top.  The words and scrolly at the top are rub-ons.  The heart on the bottom was stamped.  Since this card was for my sweetie, I used the gray/black so it wouldn't look too feminine.  I've also used this card for a birthday card.  Once you have the basic card folded, embellishing is up to your personal style.  Give it a try for someone special in your life.  Here is the link:


PS....I am still working on the give away album.  I haven't forgotten!!

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K said...

This is my third try: Very cute! I love your cards. Wish I was that creative ;)