Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Things Vintage

I discovered a couple years ago that I really enjoy scrapbooking with a vintage theme to my pages.  I bought a book about vintage scrapping and I was hooked.  So I began the hunt for old pictures.  At first, I just looked at my picture and the paper I'd chosen.  I was lost.  I looked again at examples in the book.  I began to notice a very common theme...layering.  Layering of all kinds, papers, textures, just anything.  So I opened my embellies drawers and began to pull out first this and then that.  I would lay them on my paper, arranging and rearranging.  When I finally got something I was happy with, I began to attach it to my paper.  Pleased with the final outcome, searched for more pictures that fit the vintage feel.  Here are some of my vintage pages that I truly love.

My first attempt was of my grandmother.  I used a stamp with the word "Cherish", because I do cherish her, a 3-D sticker with the word "Inspire" on it because she is truly an inspiration.  A shoe sticker and some very blingy (is that a word?) trim because my grandma was always a very fashion conscious person, she loved her shoes and clothes.  A "m" tag, because her first name begins with M.  I framed her picture in some vintage looking cardstock and then I used sandpaper and ink to age the frame.

This is a picture I did of my grandparents along with the account of their marriage that appeared in the newspaper.  I used an embellie which looked like an old postcard which I ran through the cuttlebug and embossed to make it look like script.  A little ink rubbed on it and "tada" aged!!  A little postage stamp with a "5" on it near the bottom of their picture signifies they had 5 children.

This page includes a picture of my great-grandmother, my sister and me celebrating out January birthdays together.  I was able to copy her handwriting from a letter my mother had.  Made a lollipop flower attached to a coffee sticker (because she always fixed us coffee with lots of milk when we visited her house)  A tag stamped with the word "memories" was perfect for some journaling of my childhood memories.  My great-grandma lived to be 103.

And this is me, 2 months old!  Also among one of my earlier attempts at vintage.  Yikes!  Not sure I like referring to myself as "vintage".  LOL  The bib was made with a round scallop punch.  I then took a 1" circle punch and cut out the neck hole, added some ties and I came up with a bib for my layout.  I tore out a piece of paper with the city name where I was born and added the "56" on the tag to indicate my birth year.

If you have not yet tried any vintage scrapping, I hope you will try it.  I think layering and more layering is the key to making your page look antique like.


Jenn said...

Dee, your pages are amazing as usual!! I love them all and really need to try vintage since i have a HUGE box of my mom's family phots to scrap :)

Dawn said...

I love these pages. Maybe someday I'll do some of these, but I'm thinking it may be awhile!

Christy said...

Dee, your vintage/heritage pages are just beautiful. You've given me some wonderful ideas on how to best scrap my heritage photos. As your gorgeous pages prove, layering is the key...thank you!

Carolee Sperry said...

Geez, you're so talented!

I just can't seem to find the time/space to do those things...

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Kathy said...

Gorgeous! They are too beautiful to keep in a book! I found you on cafe mom and am now a new follower! If you would like to visit I'm at Thanks!

Dee said...

Thank all of you for your kind comments. Kathy, I am a follower of yours now.