Sunday, February 6, 2011

Be My Valentine

I guess the countdown for Valentine's Day begins with this week.  Time to be thinking what special Valentine you will get your sweetie.  A couple years ago I entered a challenge in one of my crafting groups on Cafemom.  The challenge:  you would receive an item in the mail and your challenge was to alter it in some way.  In a couple weeks, I received this little, tiny tin in the mail.  I looked at that thing and thought "What on earth?"  Let's see, it would hold about two mints..nah.  Maybe five paperclips for the desk...nah.  Then it came to me, a Valentine!!  What? you say.  Yep, I decided to go to work and turn it into my Valentine that year.  It was a treasured Valentine to him and he loved it.  He carried that thing around for the longest time.  I'd see him now and then getting it out of his console to show someone.  Here are some pics for you.

The little round circles fold up accordion style and then fit right into the tin.  I used song titles from our wedding on some of the circles and reduced a couple pics of us for the others.  It was a fun challenge. (oh, and by the way, I won that challenge)  Sometimes to rise above a challenge, we have to think outside the box!


Rachelle said...

So cool that you thought of doing that!

Christy said...

Dee, that is so sweet! What is even sweeter though, is the fact that your dh actually carried it around with him! He must be a truly amazing man.:o)