Monday, March 7, 2011

There's A New Flower in our Pot

After being away for a few days to attend a funeral for my aunt, I'm back to say hello to my blogger friends.  It was nice to get to see family we aren't with often but a shame we always seem to wait for the sad occasions to get together.

I thought I'd share a card I made to send to a couple friends to announce the birth of our newest little granddaughter.  I made this card for a challenge so I wanted to wait till the contest was over to post it here.  The challenge was to make something out of a mystery die cut I received in the mail.  The die cuts were a flower pot and a stem with leaves.  You could do anything with them but cut them.  After looking at them and studying them for a few days, the idea of a birth announcement came to me.

I chose to wrap a narrow ribbon around the stem and make my own leaves out of the ribbon.  I also snipped and lightly inked the edge of some more ribbon and taped to the back of pot to resemble grass.

On the inside I added all the "particulars" embellished with a crocheted flower to add some dimension along with baby's pic.

This was my "thinking outside the box" moment that day.  Hope you enjoyed my creation.

P.S.  I won that challenge, by the way!


Jenn said...

Dee I absolutely love your card!! Baby A is to cute!!!

cloudofdreams said...

Beautiful Card!! Love the flower pot!! Congrats on winning the challenge! Job well done :)

Marilyn G. said...

I voted for you too! LOL Beautiful card, Sharlyn! Congrats on the win!

Rachelle said...

This is so good! Definitely a winner. And I just love the angle of the inside picture. I'm not a scrapbooker, but it's fun to see what other people come up with.

Christy said...

Just inspire me with each new creation you share with us!