Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't Procrastinate!

Happy December 1!  Well it's here "my most favorite time of the year".  But, with it comes more and more tasks to complete.  Over the years I have learned that if there ever was a time not to procrastinate, December is that time.  Procrastination leads to frustration.  Don't waste time being stressed out this year.  Get those cookies baked, gifts wrapped, decorating done so you can sit back and enjoy.  There are many opportunities for fun this time of year, choir performances, plays, parades, and on and on.  Learning to pick and choose what you partake in will keep your life simpler.  You can't do it all so don't even try.  Don't underestimate the value of time at home this year.  Take time to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate, a cozy throw, some good music and admire the awesome job you did decorating that tree.

Speaking of cookies, here is a wonderful recipe I found recently and it is quickly becoming a favorite in our house.  Check it out.


Christy said...

Mmm! Any time you mix oatmeal w/ cranberries, you can't go wrong!

Rachelle said...

I love baking with flax!

Dee said...

Christy and Rachelle,
I hope you gals try these cookies. They are so awesome. I already had whole flaxseed on hand and used that instead of the ground that is calls for and it worked just fine. Just a little FYI.