Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Traditions & Legacies, So Much to be Thankful For

It's that time of year.  Time for baking, trimming the tree, shopping and a multitude of other tasks....some so fun others not so much, like fluffing the tree.  What are your traditions?  We are a pretty "traditional" family.  But as the family grows, some things change, while others stay the same.  Like this year, we moved over the summer so where will everyone sit while opening packages this year?  Funny, but we all had our spots and tended to migrate to the same one each year.  Numbers change in the family as it grows and ages.  Some spots will be empty and at the same time we make room for more.  Such is the circle of life.  Speaking of tradition and circle of life, for years now I've had a tradition of calling my Grandma Thee when the first snowflake falls, be it a snowstorm or just a few flurries.  You see, she hates snow with a passion while I absolutely love it.  So I call and sing the first verse of "Let It Snow" and that let's her know I've seen some snowflakes softly falling to the earth.  She'll let me finish my song and then she'll laugh and say "Oh hush"  or she might just get plain nasty and say "Oh just shut that up"....all in fun, of course.  So today, when I thought I saw a snow flurry, I waited till I saw some more then picked up the phone and called her.  She is 94 now and the mind is not as sharp as it once was but she knew who I was and why I was singing to her.  However, before our conversation was over she asked if we had any snow yet.  I reminded her that was the purpose of my call...to sing "our" song.  She responded "Oh that's why you were singing that."  It made me kind of sad....one minute she knew exactly why I sang to her and the other she did not.  I don't know how long I'll have my Grandma here on earth with me but I'll always smile and think of her when that first snowflake falls.

If you have grandparents, what a legacy they are.  My Grandma was a great prayer warrior.  You always knew if you needed a special prayer you could count on her to pray for you immediately.  She had such faith.  Actually, we used to laugh because she honestly believed she could control the weather by having a word with the "man upstairs".  She is a wonderful example of what a grandma should be, at least in my eyes.  She loved to feed you and let you do things your parents would never let you do...lol.

When my granddaughter was 9 weeks old,  she met her Great-Great-Grandmother for the first time.  Of course, as one would expect, the cameras were flashing.  I captured one that has been my all-time favorite.  It rethat picture.ally moved me when I saw it and I knew I had to write what was in my heart.  So humor me while I share what I wrote to accompany
Legacy of the Hands

These ninety-one year old hands,
What stories could they tell?
These hands have held the sick,
Nurtured the young.
These hands have folded in prayer
Telling of the Lord's faithfulness.
What wisdom these hands have shown,
Teaching and guiding along life's way.
These hands, they've loved and spoiled,
Such love in their touch.
Strawberry jam,
Christmas hams,
Candied yams,
And who could forget the fudge,
These hands have prepared them all.
These hands now wrinkled and old
The lessons they tell, the wisdom they hold.

These nine week old hands,
What stories will they tell?
Will they nurse the sick,
Hold bablies of their own?
For now, these little hands
will hold sweet dollies,
Love puppy dogs and kitty cats,
Play dress up with shoes and hats,
Host fancy tea parties.
These little hands will be held
To guide and protect.
Little hands will be taught to fold in prayer,
"God is Great, Got is good".

Thank the Lord above for the love and wisdom,
For the Legacy of the Hands.
by me, July 2007

I hope you all have a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas.  Remember to hold you family near and give thanks for those you still have with you.  Thanks for letting me share these "snippets" of my life with you today.


Christy said...

*sniff* Dee, that is a beautiful story of your dear Grandmother, how lucky you are to still have her in your life, even though she isn't quite as sharp as she once was. I lost my paternal grandma when I was only 10, but, I have so many fond memories of her. I lost my maternal grandma in 2006, and, I miss her so much. I still expect her phone calls on my birthday every year, she would call at 7 a.m., singing to me! I'd give anything to hear her lovely voice again.

JenE said...

Tears falling down my face...it was so sad reading about your Grandma on the phone...I'm so sorry :(. But I absolutely love the pic and poem...more tears. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful relationship! May God continue to bless it for many years to come.